JPS Conference Proceedings of VHEPA2014


The 7th International Workshop on Very High Energy Particle Astronomy (VHEPA2014) with the subtitle of ”Next Generation Explorers for Cosmic Ray Origins” was held on the date of March 19- 20, 2014 at the location of Media Hall, Kashiwa Library, The University of Tokyo. VHEPA is a series of workshops aiming for comprehensive study with multi-particle observations toward Very High Energy Particle Astronomy.

The purpose of the VHEPA2014 Workshop is to discuss Next Generation Explorer(s) for Cosmic Ray Origins as subtitled, and to share a common interest in the field with scientists from different countries. We expect front-line invited speakers from around the world to present aspects of forefront research achievements at this Workshop, in accordance with its purpose. Contributions to the Workshop, we believe, will be of great value to all participants.

The International Advisory Committee (IAC) includes F. Halzen (Wisconsin-Madison), T. Kifune (Tokyo), A. Watson (Leeds). The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) includes G. W.-S. Hou (Taiwan), S. Ogawa (Toho) (Chair), M. Sasaki (Tokyo). N. Sugiyama (Nagoya).

Editorial Commitee February 23, 2015.




Ashra Neutrino Telescope Array (NTA): Combined Imaging Observation of Astroparticles — For Clear Identification of Cosmic Accelerators and Fundamental Physics Using Cosmic Beams —

Makoto Sasaki, and Tadashi Kifune for the NTA Collaboration

011013, 10.7566/JPSCP.15.011013